Fusion of Finance With Science.

Lisa Chen Trading is a technology trading solutions firm using mathematical and statistical methods to identify reliable automated strategies and systems.

Quant Portfolio Intelligence

Our assessment platform combines robust strategies into portfolios, monitors performance and methodically re-balances.

LCT Automated

Over 3020 automated strategies with verified live track records under our brand, allowing for simultaneous executions upon selection.

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Automated LCT Strategies
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Why Algo Trading?

We believe that algorithms outperform discretionary methods in the long term. But don’t just take our word for it:

"Algorithmic trading has the potential to level the playing field for individual investors, enabling them to compete with large institutional players on equal terms."

"The beauty of algorithmic trading is that it removes human emotions from the equation, allowing for objective decision-making based on data and market patterns."

"Algorithmic trading is like having a team of tireless, disciplined traders working for you around the clock, always ready to capitalize on market opportunities."

"With algorithmic trading, we can uncover patterns and exploit market inefficiencies that would be impossible for human traders to detect."

Our Vision

To become a transformative force in the fintech industry through the fusion of data and quantitative methods, and set new standards for excellence in the dynamic world of financial markets. 

Our Mission

To provide solutions for superior risk-adjusted returns by leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven quantitative strategies.

Our Values


We uphold the utmost standards of honesty, ethics, and transparency, guiding every action and decision we make.

We cultivate a dynamic culture of creativity and relentless improvement, embracing innovation as the driving force to effect transformative change.

We recognize that diverse perspectives and united endeavors pave the way for exceptional achievements.

Who Is Lisa Chen?

Prime example of high performance and precision.

Lisa’s journey is one of diverse passions and entrepreneurial spirit.

From excelling in classical dance and piano to her obsession with sports cars, she found her calling in finance. At 21, armed with licenses obtained through the Canadian Securities Institute, she executed trades for stocks, options, bonds, mutual funds, and fixed income securities on behalf of clients at a Canadian national brokerage firm for the next four years.

During this time, she discovered her love for auto racing and quickly achieved impressive results, with multiple top-three finishes out of 80 competitors in her rookie year and going on to achieve dozens of podium finishes across North America in autocross before transitioning into road course racing.

Exhibiting her entrepreneurial skill, Lisa helped transform a modest two-person business into the largest supplier in Canada’s sign and graphics industry, with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary. This achievement secured her a runner-up position in the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year®. After her company was acquired and a brief retirement, her enduring passion for trading drove her to achieve a Top 5 ranking in the 2021 World Cup Championship®, earning her a place among the esteemed 13 World Cup Advisors®. Whether it’s mastering the fine arts or in auto races, Lisa consistently raises the bar and surpasses it.

Now with her team at LCT of dedicated Quantitative Strategists, she is now focused on utilizing the most reliable strategies identified by their Quant Portfolio Intelligence platform.

Meet Our Team

Shamsher Vellani
Compliance & Risk Management

Shamsher, with over 17 years in algorithmic trading, assists our team with his experience as Founder and CEO of an AI Forex Hedge Fund. He is also an Advisor at N+1 Analytics and has experience as a proprietary trader at Alchemy Capital and a Business Analyst at Barclays Investment Bank.

Holding an Honours degree in Economics from the University of Waterloo, Shamsher combines his economic, mathematical, and financial expertise with a disciplined approach, shaped by his athletic background. On Wall Street, he developed key front-end office tools for Barclays Capital and Goldman Sachs, integrating technology and finance.

Known for using deep learning in financial markets, Shamsher aligns with our firm's focus on technological advancement and strategic solutions. He develops unique fintech tools, oversees regulatory requirements and assists with rsk management, demonstrating his commitment to innovation and embodying our firm's principles.

Our dream team, with leaders at the top of their own game...working together as a tight knit group is simply amazing. We keeping growing & drawing from our collective database of expertise. Truly exciting to be part of Lisa Chen Trading with the potential to keep reaching new performance heights!

Daniil Riabitskyi
Risk Manager & Quant Models Developer

Daniil is a highly experienced professional with expertise in evaluating and optimizing trading strategies across various markets. With a background in quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral analysis, he develops advanced models and machine learning tools to assess thousands of strategies.

With a degree from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute and over twelve years of trading experience, Daniil specializes in portfolio optimization and risk management. His proficiency in a variety of tools, allows him to extract, process, and analyze data to create robust financial models.

Formerly at Collective2 as their Quant Analyst, Risk Manager and Portfolio Optimization System Developer, Daniil has honed his skills in financial analysis and modeling. His passion lies in developing rule-based AI models, evaluating trading strategies, and constructing customized portfolios.

What is good risk management?
- It is when the outcome of one particular trade has no effect on the overall result.
- It is when a large series of losses does not cause heart palpitations.
- It is when a strategy with random entries crosses the 1,000-trades mark and is still in game.

Understand, calculate, minimize & manage risk to maximize opportunities for growth.

Andrii Vdovenko
Programmer & Quant Analyst

Andrii, a skilled developer at our company, programs tools for quant analysis and evaluation models and supports quality testing. With extensive experience in NinjaTrader Software, he has created and back tested over 500 trading strategies and indicators. Proficient in Ninja Trader, C#, and foreign exchange trading, he contributes to stock management, qualitative analysis, market research, and risk management. Committed to continuous learning, Andrii constantly refines his programming skills. He holds a Bachelor's of Engineering in CAD from the Kharkiv National University of Radio-electronics, enhancing his technical and analytical abilities.

Coding sorcerer, NinjaTrader aficionado. Crafting 500+ strategies and indicators. Together, let's redefine quant analysis with cutting-edge solutions.

Sean Chan
Director of Corporate Development

Sean brings a wealth of experience to his role in Corporate Development, honed through years of involvement in corporate finance advisory, financial modeling, and management consulting. His expertise spans business strategy and financial operations. Sean has worked extensively with single and multi-family offices, investment funds, and corporations, gaining valuable experience on both the buy-side and sell-side.

He brings a decade of experience in Quantitative Modeling, Machine-Learning, Genetic Algorithms, & Quantitative Finance.

In his current position, Sean plays a crucial role in a corporate finance advisory. His responsibilities include providing capital formation, project finance advisory, and assisting as a CFO. He also specializes in setting up and managing offshore family offices and corporate entities or Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). Sean's comprehensive background and strategic approach make him a key asset in driving corporate development initiatives.

Turning corporate puzzles into strategic masterpieces.

Nicholas Cheung
Director of Project Management

Nicholas leads our 'Traders & Investors Club' division, which has surpassed 1,200 members and is rapidly expanding. With over 8 years of experience in B2B sales, marketing, and consulting, he excels in project and product management, guiding diverse teams to achieve tangible results. His strategic planning ensures efficient project completion, fostering a productive, creative, and innovative environment.

Nicholas is skilled in business consulting and digital marketing, generating substantial revenues and successfully orchestrating campaigns across Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Canada. His achievements include increasing a SaaS product's user base by 70x and securing $20 million CAD in deals within the Food & Beverage and Hospitality sectors, showcasing his ability to cultivate valuable partnerships and drive business growth.

Recognized for his effective leadership and team-building, Nicholas mentors and resolves conflicts adeptly, employing systems thinking to manage people, processes, and value with clarity.

Fostering a collaborative environment that inspires innovation and success.

Kiana Wing

As a university business student, Kiana brings to Lisa's team a combination of innate organizational skills and a diverse background in marketing, communications, management, and event coordination across various industries. Her exceptional problem-solving abilities and meticulous attention to detail make her a valuable resource. In her role, Kiana coordinates marketing, PR activities, and helps plan and execute events for the Vancity Traders & Investors Club, a group founded by Lisa, which has over 1200 members.

Marketing maven and organizational ace.


Lisa had worked with a team of highly skilled veteran developers.

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