About Lisa Chen Trading

After Lisa’s appointment as a World Cup Advisor®, investors frequently sought her advice on trading strategies and systems. She always advocated for diversification, recognizing the inherent risk in relying solely on one strategy. Despite the overwhelming abundance of strategies available, identifying the best among them was unfeasible. Investors needed a tailored solution that combined the most robust automated trading systems, aligned with their investment goals.

Last December, Lisa had a revelation. They already had the necessary quant models, which had been adapted and enhanced for Lisa’s 30+ algos she was actively trading at that time, initially designed for a worldwide algorithmic trading firm. These same models have now been further developed extensively and enable them to evaluate strategies from the sea of options available. The outcome is a game-changer in the finance industry called Quant Portfolio Intelligence (QPI). QPI blends the most dependable strategies with integrated risk management, regular portfolio rebalancing, and diversification.

In close collaboration with major U.S.-regulated companies, LCT gained access to comprehensive data, for which they are truly grateful. This access was instrumental in developing their QPI proprietary quant models which allows LCT to perform quantitative analysis on over 5000 systems, with over 3000 of them under their brand.

These models provide a significant edge by identifying the most reliable strategies based on performance metrics. The inclusion of non-correlated systems enhances diversification and more strategy sources are consistently being incorporated. 

With these exciting developments, LCT has a unique and unparalleled competitive edge within the financial industry. We are the premiere firm equipped with quant models and a platform capable of assessing automated trading systems, sourced from the world’s foremost platforms.