We customize portfolios to align with our investment goals, using insights from our advanced trading strategy assessment platform. Our expert team builds portfolios focusing on risk management and returns optimization.

Key Benefits

System Identification: The best trading strategies from over 5200 options are chosen.

Evolutionary Portfolios: Strategies from various global sources, instead of common-mindset of in-house team.

Scalability: Expanding pool of short term strategies.

Diversification: Across strategies that are non-correlated,trade different styles, markets, time frames, directions, asset classes, and instruments.

Simple Integration: System for incorporating individual strategies with high performance track records with risk management measures from our side. 

Active Portfolio Management: Portfolios are routinely re-balanced by updating strategies used based on key metrics and introducing superior alternatives as they emerge.

Short Term Trades: Provides increased liquidity, capital efficiency and adaptability to market changes.

Customized Portfolios: To match investment goals, risk tolerance, and account size.


Performed at pre-determined intervals:

1. Data Collection

2. Strategy Assessment

3. Model Training

4. Portfolio Building

5. Portfolio Modeling

6. Portfolio Monitoring

7. Portfolio Updating

This meticulous method ensures the construction of robust portfolios and a swift response to any deviations, resulting in optimal performance.

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