We customize portfolios to align with our investment goals, using insights from our advanced evaluation system. Our expert team builds portfolios considering risk tolerance, account size, time horizon, and financial objectives, focusing on risk management and returns optimization.

A forex platform will be added soon for enhanced diversification.

Key Benefits

Quant-based multi-stage evaluation system: Our advanced process analyzes over 5241 trading systems, incorporating performance metrics and rigorous risk analysis.

Customized portfolios: Designed to match investment objectives, risk tolerance, and account size.

Diversification: We analyze trading performance and correlations to identify uncorrelated strategies, optimizing portfolio allocation for better risk/return ratios. Using a mix of uncorrelated strategies and trading systems helps actual results converge faster to expectations (statistical probability).

Active portfolio management: Using data-driven methods to optimize returns, reduce risks, and protect investments in various market cycles through monthly rebalancing and system adjustments.

High liquidity and full transparency: Easy access to trading account funds with intraday and short term swing trade systems.


Here is a step-by-step explanation of how we conduct our analysis:

1. Data Retrieval: Software is used to collect daily data from system providers.

2. Rank Formula Development: A formula is developed and tested to rank systems based on reliability, continuously improving it with new data.

3. System Selection: Systems suitable for a specific portfolio objective are chosen.

4. Deep Analysis: Each selected system undergoes a thorough analysis to identify hidden risks and potential. Failed strategies are removed.

5. Portfolio Modeling: The correlation between systems and their ability to compensate for each other is examined. Failed strategies are removed.

6. Portfolio Balancing: An equal contribution of each system to the overall portfolio results is achieved.

7. Portfolio Monitoring: A supervised fully automated system closely monitors the behavior of each system in the portfolio. Any deviations from expectations lead to prompt action, disabling or removing the system from the portfolio.

This meticulous method ensures the construction of robust portfolios and a swift response to any deviations, resulting in optimal performance.