Sample of copy trading strategies under our brand.

LCT iSystems

LCT iSystems is an innovative approach to copy trading. By re-programming trading strategies from developers and running them on secure servers CME co-located servers, this increases quality control, while mitigating risk. 

LCT Auto Trade

Trading strategies with verified, long-standing, live trading track records. Our automated solution offers a diverse range of futures instruments with full transparency and real-time monitoring in our own brokerage accounts. Strategies that may possibly thrive in unseen, dynamic market conditions.

World Cup Advisor®

World Cup Advisors’® offers verified track records and comprehensive performance reports. Trades are directly mirrored to accounts offering the expertise of top ranked World Cup Trading Championship® traders.

QPI StockAIPicker

Stock portfolios designed to outperform the S&P500 while prioritizing capital preservation and minimizing risk. QPI StockAIPicker combines quantitative analysis, machine learning, and robust testing methods.