Lisa Chen Trading offers copy trading services that combine convenience, flexibility, and fully-automated execution.

LCT iSystems

LCT iSystems offers a fresh approach to copytrading. By recoding the trading strategies from developers and running them on secure servers, this meticulous process increases quality control, providing you with a reliable copytrading experience while mitigating risk. With LCT iSystems, you can confidently leverage the expertise of experienced developers while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with increased quality control and security.


LCT Auto Trade

Effortlessly copy the trades strategies with verified, long-standing track records. Our fully-automated solution offers a diverse range futures instruments with full transparency while you enjoy real-time monitoring in your own brokerage account. With LCT Auto Trade, you can gain more confidence knowing you are connected to systems that don’t just have a nice-looking backtest, but may possibly thrive in unseen, dynamic market conditions.


World Cup Advisor®

Copy World Cup Advisors’® trades directly and benefit from the expertise of Top World Cup Trading Championship finishers in just a few clicks. All trades are mirrored instantly to your account while you retain full control.



Long stock portfolios designed to outperform the SP500 while prioritizing capital preservation and minimizing risk. StockAIPicker combines cutting-edge quantitative analysis, machine learning, and robust testing methods to curate tailored stock portfolios.