LCT Autotrade brings you the future of trading with our innovative platform that allows you to effortlessly follow and execute proven trading strategies in real-time by completing a Letter of Direction provided to you.  With full transparency and control, you can select strategies by choosing the ones that align with your preferences and risk tolerance. Unlike traditional alternative investments, your money remains securely within your own brokerage account at all times.

Why choose LCT Autotrade:

  • Providing clients the ability to audit the futures trading systems we introduce.
  • Only actual results are recorded.
  • Our website displays performance for clients to compare with their brokerage statements.
  • Transparency benefits clients, developers collect fees, and net results are introduced.
  • Developers have flexibility in trade execution through email, trading code, or direct placement.
  • Daily monitoring of system trades.
  • Actual results are posted by 4pm CST.
  • Lisa Chen Trading LLC uses Average Price System (APS) for consistent fills.

    For developers: 

    You have the flexibility to choose how trades are executed. You can provide instructions via email or trading code, or if you prefer, you can take the lead and place the trades directly into the platform. The choice is yours! We have no co-ownership ties to developers. You are paid up to 90% by the FCM for your monthly per contract vendor fee.

Systems are executed at the following clearing firms:

Dorman, AMP, Straits, RJO, RCG, Wedbush, StoneX, ADM, Advantage Futures, Phillip Capital, FC Stone, Iron Beam, Gain Capital, TradeStation, and Interactive Brokers