LCT iSystems offers access to over 2880 professionally-developed algorithms, akin to an “Algo App store”, allowing you to select strategies that align with your investment goals. With seamless synchronization directly to your account, you can effortlessly start and stop trading at any time, enjoying the benefits of hands-free automated trading.

How it works:

Choose from our extensive selection of strategies, each developed by quants. Let the results speak for themselves as you select the strategies that align with your investment objectives.

If you don’t already have one, simply email us at and we’ll assist you in finding an authorized broker in your area. Your funds remain securely within your own brokerage account at all times, and you retain full control over your capital.

Say goodbye to monthly or quarterly reporting. With LCT iSystems, you can watch trades as they happen inside your own brokerage account, taking transparency to the next level.

Key Features

Developers submit their code to LCT iSystems. The strategies are then run on servers in Chicago, continuously monitored by team of professionals to ensure optimal performance and zero downtime.

Choose from a vast array of strategies, all rigorously evaluated for performance. With 2880+ options, you have the freedom to select as many strategies as you feel comfortable with, diversifying your portfolio and enhancing potential returns.

Platform ensures that selected strategies sync directly to your account, enabling real-time replication of trades. You can enjoy the convenience of hands-free trading, as trades are executed automatically without manual intervention.

Experience the power of transparency as trades happen in real-time within your own brokerage account. Unlike traditional investments, LCT iSystems allows you to monitor trades as they occur, providing a level of visibility and control typically unseen in the financial industry.

All backtest, tracked and live traded results are displayed on the platform, allowing you to make informed decisions based on verified performance data.

Dedicated team of professionals monitors trades 24/7, ensuring optimal performance and security. You can rest assured that your investments are in capable hands, backed by a experienced team.

Results of the strategies tracked by LCT iSystems are provided, enabling you to make informed decisions. Select the strategies that best align with your goals, and activate them within your brokerage account to start trading.

At LCT iSystems, we empower you to harness the power of automated copy-trading with unmatched transparency. Choose from a diverse range of strategies, enjoy real-time trade monitoring, and make informed decisions based on verified results.